Even in a choppy sea of data

Even in a choppy sea of data

it’s possible to get critical information about your operations

Lift the anchor on the old way

Lift the anchor on the old way

and use unstructured data analysis to get moving

The tide is bringing new opportunities

The tide is bringing new opportunities

to improve operations using Unstructured Data Analysis

The tsunami-like force of Unstructured Data Analysis

The tsunami-like force of Unstructured Data Analysis

will change the face of business analytics

Analyzing your Unstructured Data

Analyzing your Unstructured Data

will put your Company on the Shores of Success

Businesses Today are Awash with Oceans of Unnavigable Data

Savvy businesses turn their unstructured data into organized and understandable information. Armed with this powerful insight, critical operational decisions can be made faster, cheaper, and more effectively. Decisions supported by unstructured data help businesses grow quicker, create higher margins and blow past the competition.

Choppy Sea of Data

Each moment more data is created about the marketplace, the opportunities, the risks, and the critical thinking of the people driving all aspects of business. The World of technology makes it inexpensive and efficient to gather data from a variety of sources and through a multiple of mediums. Organizations quickly and securely link their professionals to outside suppliers, marketers, and customers. All of this activity creates more data around the process of doing business. Executives have to capitalize on this growing asset.

Lift the Anchor and Get Moving

Executives in recent years have been inundated with new technologies and strategies to assemble, analyze, and visualize numbers and available structured data. These new tools have been very good about providing intelligence about their business – but it is still the same structured data being analyzed. Thus, only minor progress is realized from the new tools and there are limited opportunities to blow past competitors.

Tide of New Opportunities

People – customers, markets, employees, etc – generate a lot more words than they do numbers. Words are usually unstructured data and they reflect insight that numbers cannot. It is difficult, expensive and inefficient to develop and apply codes for unstructured data. For that reason, it is generally accepted that only about 20% of a company’s data is structured – numerical and coded data. Yet, structured data is the sole source of analysis for most companies. The tide of new opportunities is the ability to convert unstructured data – the other 80% – into actionable information.

Tsunami-Like Force

The ability to convert unstructured data into actionable information has arrived and excelled at a rapid pace. The conversion process is achieved through unstructured data analysis. Planet Earth has five geographic oceans. A company using unstructured data analysis can now explore opportunities in all five oceans (100% of their data) compared to those analyzing the structured data in only one ocean (20% of their data).

This means significantly less time and expense to identify & fix problems and recognize & capitalize on opportunities.

Discover the Power of Unstructured Data

Executives looking to generate financial yields far superior to the competition need to find insights and critical information others are unable to find. This is akin to navigating oceans of data and finding a treasure chest on the Shores of Success. The treasure is revenues growing faster and margins increasing higher than competitors … the treasure is leveraging yields. Companies willing to navigate all five oceans are far more likely to find the Shores of Success.

Navigating new oceans is necessary for those striving for superior returns. Fortunately, companies don’t have to venture into new oceans without seasoned professionals. ctFLY Company is dedicated to being a leader in the conversion of unstructured data into actionable, decision-driving information. We work with operational executives to navigate all five oceans and find the Shores of Success.

Before Electronic Spreadsheets …

People used to do financial analysis with 10 key calculators. Remember those days? Stop for a moment and consider the way in which the spreadsheet converted manual and inefficient financial analyses into a thought-driven process. Using Search engines in unstructured data is similar to using a 10 key calculator to analyze numbers.

After Unstructured Data Conversion …

Unstructured data – text, narrative data – is converted into actionable information through Unstructured Data Analysis (UDA). The actionable information created by UDA means significantly less time and expense to identify & fix problems and recognize & capitalize on opportunities.

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