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Two key impediments have prevented unstructured data analysis from becoming the panacea that people predicted when the ability to analyze text was introduced around the turn of the century (Heads up Baby Boomers, we mean the year 2000). First, it was way too technical. IT technicians were needed to execute an analysis and they had too many competing priorities, and still do.
Second, the unstructured data analysis process was fundamentally too complex. There were too many nuances and exceptions in the process that carry widely varying implications. Accordingly, the gap between the analysis capabilities and the needs of the operational executive have simply been too wide.

Transparency Equals Understanding

Anything new and different naturally causes people to be skeptical. Using unstructured data in a meaningful way is a new concept to most people. The best way to create confidence in Unstructured Data Analysis (UDA) is to conduct our business with full transparency. This removes the elements of mystery and surprise. This creates understanding and with that element, confidence follows.

Overcoming the Impediments

ctFLY built its operations to overcome these impediments. Our operations have three elements: Unique TechnologyBusiness Experts, and Process Mastery for the industries we’ve chosen to serve. These three elements give us more horsepower than our competitors, creating the distinct ability to perform deeper analyses with more speed, efficiency, and accuracy than anyone else in the marketplace. Our goal is to provide stellar results to our customers while avoiding a huge drain on their IT and operational resources.

Technology Enhanced Service Provider

We define our operation as a “technology enhanced service provider“. We define this as: “an organization that uses a distinct and unique technology platform and specially designed processes to perform a service“. For us, our service is converting unstructured data into actionable, decision-driving information.

Getting Started

We put our operations in motion by first helping the operational executive translate their specific needs, questions and desires into an analysis objective. This is a critical step because it ensures there is a specific end goal for which individual tasks can be stated. As experts in unstructured data analysis, we help the executive understand the results that are achievable from the unstructured data that is available.

Collaboration with IT

We collaborate with IT to get the data needed in an expeditious, non-intrusive manner. As we perform an analysis, the process will usually increase the volume of data by over 10 fold. We’ll manage that expanded data in our environment, unless our customer instructs otherwise. We efficiently navigate this vast ocean of data and find the specific pieces of information needed to meet the operational executive’s objectives.

Integrated Results

The critical insights – the decision-driving information – are provided to our customers in whatever manner is desired. Detailed transaction information can be provided so that action can be taken at a transaction level, fed into a predictive model, or used in another manner. Summarized information can be put into month-end reporting packages for dashboards or into an independent report.

New Discoveries

When Christopher Columbus set out to prove the World was not flat, he was confident that he would not fall into a big black abyss at the edge of the earth. His desire for new discoveries prevailed over the skepticism of both his colleagues and adversaries. Unstructured data analysis holds rich discoveries for those navigating into the new oceans. ctFLY operations enable operational executives to follow our navigation and get their critical questions answered.

A Closer Look at Each of ctFLY’s Operational Elements

Unique Technology

Our conversion technology is comprised of three components: data preparation, sentence parsing, and output configuration. Read more …

Business Experts

Knowing your industry enables us to generate actionable information that can be used with your business. Read more …

UDA Process Mastery

We impose process efficiency to an otherwise lengthy and complex process. Read more …

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