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The risk and insurance industry has long been a favorite industry of ours because we have a great understanding of the strategies to help operational executives improve their businesses. We have spent a great deal of time in worker’s compensation.

Of particular interest to us is the medical component of worker’s comp claims. The treasure trove of information about medical treatment being written about by nurses, case managers, and adjuster is waiting to be tapped. Critical insights extracted from those sentences are used to improve injured worker outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

One of the most insightful areas is surgery outcomes. An internal composite study by ctFLY revealed that claims with bad surgery outcomes were more than 120% more costly than claims with good surgery outcomes. ctFLY is working with both worker’s comp payers and healthcare providers to better understand the factors that can drive good surgery outcomes.

Virtually every part of the worker’s compensation cycle generates unstructured text data.

Cycle of Worker's Comp Risks
The conventional way companies use the unstructured text data is having people read and interpret the data by assigning a code that is then reflected in a business system. The majority of the critical thoughts written lie fallow.

Using ctFLY’s UDA technology platform enables all of the critical thoughts to be immediately accessible. The result is better information, faster and cheaper.

Specific Areas We Target

The following areas represent key areas in which we know unstructured data analyses can be effectively completed.

Commercial Business

Program Business

Specialty Insurance

Underwriting Processes

Claims Adjusting

Policy Administration


Offensive-Minded Professionals

Unstructured Data in the Insurance Cycle

These are the typical areas involved in insurance operations. We’ve provided a brief description of the unstructured data components found in each area.

Marketing & Distribution


Policy Contracts

Loss Control/Risk Management



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