Business Experts

The foundation of any great business is people. The people involved in a business include professionals that deliver services (I.e principals, employees, and contractors), customers and investors. All of these people directly influence the level of success that an organization can achieve. None of these people are any less or more important than the other.

ctFLY Commits to Being Great

ctFLY is committed to being a great business. Our professionals are first and foremost experts in a subject matter … insurance, for example. With that business expertise as a foundation, they develop UDA Process Mastery by being trained in our processes and use of our technology. The unique combination business expertise and UDA Process Mastery gives us a very distinct position in the marketplace.

A Powerful Combination

The combination of business expertise and UDA Process Mastery means our customers get professionals that understand their business AND the knowledge that can be extracted from their unstructured data. This is a powerful combination and highly valued by our customers – and by us.

User Control Facilitates Transparency

Unstructured Data Analysis – the way we convert unstructured data into actionable information – is a user-controlled process. It is user-controlled because of the many complexities and nuances that influence a successful conversion process. When people understand the customer’s business, they’re better able to understand the way in which a decision made during the Data Preparation process will impact the Data Analysis process. This is important to getting results that matter.
Just as importantly, user-control enables us to always be able to show our customers the process. Thus, there is no black box or mysterious result that is unexplainable.

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