Specialty Insurance

Specialty insurance generally covers classes of risk in which there is more uncertainty about risks than traditional classes of risk that have been written for long periods of time. UDA creates the greatest economic value in those situations where there is more uncertainty about risks. This is because it’s critical to quickly identify, understand and react to either an emerging issue or an unidentified exposure. The greater the ability to do this, the better the ability to write more business and earn higher margins. 

Specialty risks require more judgment and more information – usually unstructured – that describe the unique circumstances, factors and considerations that influence the frequency and/or severity of losses. Just as in the Program Business, there is a stronger drive by underwriters to understand the risk, price it adequately, and cover it fairly.

Furthermore, coverages are usually written on customized policies and forms. The ability to use UDA in the analysis of these customized documents creates a capability previously unseen in terms of understanding risks and corresponding coverages. UDA provides the ability to take a portfolio of policies written each month and automatically identify the specific risks covered, excluded, sub-limited, endorsed, prohibited, warranted, etc.

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