Unique Technology

The technology platform used by ctFLY is a combination of commercial and in-house technology tools wrapped together with a common language for optimum horsepower. We call our platform InfoMator© and operate it on our in-house Server.

Three Components

There are three components to our technology platform: data preparation, sentence parsing and output configuration. Each of the components has technologies specific to its tasks but congruent with the other components. Taken as a whole, these components enable us to execute the Unstructured Data Analysis that converts unstructured data into actionable, decision-driving information.

Proprietary Technology

The data preparation and output configuration components are the modules that have been developed in-house. The key feature of both components is the ability to store, retain, and manage knowledge. The knowledge is the hundreds of thousands of unique instructions that vary from one situation to the next.

Unique Instructions

The unique instructions are contained and managed in the Knowledge Warehouse that we’ve developed and own. The instructions are for specific industries, lines of business, segments, customers, etc. The instructions remove, modify, and/or enhance spelling errors, jargon, acronyms, missing or bad punctuation, and words that need to viewed as phrases. Additionally, they also address the way output should be configured to meet the objectives establised by each customer.

Knowledge Warehouse

The accumulated instructions in the Knowledge Warehouse reflects an institutionalization of select industry knowledge that can be applied repeatedly in a variety of situations. Knowledge (unique instructions) gets added to the warehouse each and every day and becomes available for an unlimited amount of future usage and leveraged benefit for our customers.

A Closer Look at Each of the Technology Components

Data Preparation – Data Needs Some Attention Before Going to the Parser

The Data Preparation tools we have are designed to cleanse the data, develop a profile of it, and resolve data nuances, jargon and punctuation problems. The tools also enable us to identify unique acronyms, solve spelling errors, and group words that should be viewed as phrases.

We use these tools for all of the data we receive – both the unstructured data and the structured data. They are effectively database and file utility tools that are executed according to the actions of ctFLY users (see Business Experts).

The work from these tools is manifest in the instructions used in the processing of the data. In any given situation, we’re pulling existing instructions from our Knowledge Warehouse. More importantly, we’re identifying additional instructions that are needed for the current work. The new instructions are added to the Warehouse and retained for future use.

Sentence Parsing – Break up Each Sentence into Contextual Parts

There are a variety of parsing tools available in the marketplace. Depending on the situation, we’ll use the particular tool that best fits the unique needs of an engagement. In any case, the work completed during the Data Preparation phase is incorporated in to the parsing process. This enables a far more effective and accurate parse.

The essence of the parsing process is that it breaks up every sentence, in every document, for an entire data set. The break up is based on the meaning (or multiple meanings) of each part of the sentence. The resulting individual parts of the sentence – and their respective meaning(s) – are called extractions.

Output Configuration – What are the Words Telling You

The Output Configuration tools are designed to re-assemble the extractions in whatever manner supports the established engagement objectives. The extractions resulting from the parsing process can be categorized under one or more of nine different Dominos.

The single most important concept is that each extraction exists in a database field. Therefore, each Domino can be analyzed, organized, and interfaced in any manner, just as regular structured data.

The Domino approach is a proprietary methodology we have for organizing and assembling extractions. This approach enables us to operate with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. As we’ve said, unstructured data analysis is an ocean of information. Our data analysis tools are the GPS that gets each analysis to the Shores of Success.

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