Unstructured Data in Claims

Claims adjusters for all lines of business also produce a lot of unstructured data. The greater the complexity of the claim, the greater the amount of unstructured data. However, consider even a simple claim: one or multiple parties involved describe the factors contributing to the event; independent parties provide their perspective on the event; and various parties perform services, tasks, and actions to cure the damages. Adjusters gather all of this information from the respective parties to support their decisions about coverage, valuation, and liability. The dominant portion of this information is unstructured for one simple reason: no two situations are identical. Thus, people have to provide explanations, seek documentation and perform investigations. The result of these efforts is the creation of a lot of textual, narrative information.In addition to the external information, adjusters are required by statute to document their actions and decisions. When claims are complex, multiple adjusters and claims management will add their information to the claim file in support of their actions.All of this information is unstructured data.

For more discussion of unstructured data analysis in claims, see Claims Adjusting.

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