WHY Analyze Unstructured Data?

Three Absolute Objectives

Each month, companies perform many quantitative, numerical analyses that generally support three management objectives

  • Monitor the health of the business
  • Identify problems and fix them quickly
  • Recognize opportunities and capitalize on them

With the Same Rigor

Quantitative analyses are critical … but they’re unable to convey the thoughts, ideas, strategies and concerns of business professionals. Rigorous unstructured data analyses provide these critical insights and enable companies to capture more revenue and improve margins.

Codes are Inherently Limited

The nature of business risk is that we do not know TODAY the issues and events that will cause claims TOMORROW. Companies develop codes based on things that happens years ago and they apply it to things happening today and tomorrow.

Coding Data Becomes Obsolete

UDA eliminates the need for people to force a lot of information into a single code. Consequently, it creates the ability to understand WHY things are or are not happening without having to code any data. This means executives can better monitor and react to the business.

Problems and Opportunities

By not having to code data, problems can be identified and fixed more quickly and cheaper than ever before. Opportunities can be found and capitalized upon with greater speed and precision.

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